The Asteroid Belt

You are in the Asteroid Belt. There are three space stations within easy travel of you:

Parthenope is a hollowed out asteroid and by far the biggest. It is like a frontier city with a polutalion of perhaps a quater of million. It would take six days to get there.

Parthenope Base

Parthenope Base

Massive Dynamics has a repair platform about two days way. It is an industrial station with a great deal of restrictions on who can land and where they can go on the station. There may be five hundred people on it altogether.

Massive Dynamics Repair Platform

Massive Dynamics Repair Platform

HoJo Ring is about four days away. It’s a commercial station, much larger than the Massive Dynamics station with perhaps five to ten thousand people on it. It is where you started out from and where you would noramlly go back to.

HoJo Ring Space Station

HoJo Ring Space Station


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